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Charlotte Ho

Charlotte Ho

Studying Biochemistry, Biology, and Data Science

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Involved in: Synthetic Biology club, People for Animal Welfare (PAW), Lawrence International, Outdoor Recreational Club, Community Advisor, Biology Stockroom Intern.

3 things I love about Lawrence: diverse resources from different departments, easy accessibility to professors via office hours, and a lot of fun events on campus.

Favorite Lawrence event: President's Ball, LUaroo, and Cabaret

Favorite space to study: Main hall green, cafe, and Steitz science lounges.

Yijie Xiang

Yijie Xiang

Studying Mathematics

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Ask me about mathematics, statistics, and music(piano)!

3 things I love about LU: great academic resources, diverse extracurricular activities, and strong alumni networks.

I am involved in: CSA(Chinese Students Association), Business Networking Club, and Investment Club.


Cammy Bui

Studying Biochemistry

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Involved in: CODA (Committee of Diversity Affairs), LI (Lawrence International)

Favorite place to study: Computer Lab in Steitz Hall. It’s a really chill place to study, and you can use the iMac.

Fun things at LU: I usually play badminton with my friends in Wellness Center.


Akhmed Malsagov

Computer Science and Economics

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Ask me about: Athletics, Intramural sports, and any problems with Computer science and Economics.

Favorite place to study: Library

College search advice: The college search is the most important decision to make for any future student. The best way, in my opinion, is to make sure that you know what you are looking for. There are a lot of students that can answer any questions and help you to make the decision. Communication is very crucial in this aspect. There is no need to hesitate to ask a question because everyone would love to help you and is here for you!


Bohdan Tataryn

Studying Piano Performance

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3 things I love about Lawrence:

1. Friendly and sincere atmosphere.

2. Everybody's willingness and readiness to help.

3. A lot of possibilities for getting involved in University life.

Favorite spot on campus: University park, is the best place for relaxing, for spending time outside during the warm days.

Favorite place to study: University library. The cosy atmosphere inspires for studying and researching.


Paige Ference

Studying Neuroscience

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Ask me about: Athletics. GO VIKINGS!!

Favorite place to study: Hiett lounges. Most of them have big windows that you can look out of and has beautiful scenery of the river and trees.

College search advice: The college search process can be difficult, but my best advice would be to know what you are looking for in a college and make sure those needs will be met. It is always very helpful to reach out to staff from campus to get a feel for the community as well as introduce yourself.

Alec Nguyen

Alec Nguyen

Studying Economics and Data Science

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Favorite Spot on campus: The green in front of Main Hall is absolutely the best place to wind down and relax. You can set up a hammock and read a book under the shade or take a nap. I personally prefer the latter.

Ask me about: The best routes for running around Appleton

College search advice: LU instagram page has "Student Take over" stories that would definitely help you get to know the college better from a student's view point.


Dennis Boakye

Neuroscience and Mathematics

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Involved in: Synthetic Biology Club, Lawrence Christian Fellowship(LCF), Lawrence Philanthropy Engagement Center(PEC), Lawrence Students Transition and Assistance, Gaming Club

Favorite websites to check out: Prior to searching for a decent college like Lawrence, I will recommend using There are some great information and options there that can aid you in your college search journey.

Favorite place to study: The lobby in my hall, Plantz Hall. I love to study there.

Favorite Spot on campus: The lobby in Hietz Hall. It has this great view of the Fox river flowing around the campus.


Edison Xie

Studying Economics and Math

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Involved in: Theatre shop assistance, Chinese Tutor, Lawrence International

The Lawrence difference: Each dorm has their own stuff for entertainment, like the movie-watching place in Colman and the pool ball area in Hiett.

College search advice:Focus on all the factors when deciding where to go, including the weather, students life, the type of the school.....


Quynh Nguyen

Economics and Data Science

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Involved in: Waseda/Pathway Program, Pan-Asian Organization

Favorite place to study: Computer lab on the first floor of Steitz Hall

3 things I love about LU: 1) Inclusive environment 2) Small class size, more interaction with professors 3) Concerts from the conservatory 

Rongyan Song

Environmental Science

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Favorite place on campus: Warch campus center. There are lots of helpful and incredible places, such as the mailing room, Andrew Common (dining hall), the cafe, and Kate's corner store. Also, we can buy something that we need in an emergency and LU apparel at Kate's corner store.

Favorite place to study:
somerset. There are beautiful sites out of big windows. When you are tired, look out of the window.

Favorite Lawrence event:

Jo Dang

Jo Dang

Studying Computer Science, Mathematics

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Involved in: Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA), Lawrence International, International Admissions

Ask me about: 

  • The general International Student experience.
  • The International Student community and our events. 
  • I can also tell you a lot about joining organizations, hosting events, and campus employment.

Fun things at LU: DEFINITELY the events, especially the ones that have food. Also, Saturday mornings are really fun because it's the only morning in the week when you can sleep in.

Tra Yen Vy

Tra Yen Vy Phan

Biochemistry, Pre-Pharmacy

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Involved in: Lawrence International (LI), Vietnamese Culture Organization (VCO), and SEAL office.

Ask me about: Anything about the 1st-year experience, and academic-related like Biochemistry, or Pre-Pharmacy, I’m happy to share my perspectives and opinions.

Favorite place to study: Warch 4th floor because it’s close to my dorm.

Favorite thing to do on campus: I love enjoying the atmosphere and scenery, especially in Fall. However, this is only enjoyable when you do not have tons of tasks to do.

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