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Kayci-Ann King

Studying Biology

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Involved in: People for Animal Welfare (PAW)

Favorite place on campus: Sabin House! I like going there to study upstairs, and I also love going there to cook with friends in the kitchen.

Ask me about: Getting started as a Biology Major

College search advice:I know that it is very stressful and difficult, but just know that this is a very short stage in your life. Once you find the right college for you (and you most definitely will), it'll feel like all your hard work has paid off! It's hard, but you can do it!

Check out my favorite youtube video: Campus Walk!

Yijie Xiang

Studying Mathematics, Music(piano), Statistics

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Involved in: Lawrence International, LUCC, Chinese Student Organization, CARE Lab (Child and Adolescent Research in Emotion) located at Psychology Department, Ambassador of Career Center

Ask me about: Math, Gamelan or Music Ensembles, Musicology, Business Trips, and how to find college resources for academic and career path!!

Favorite spot on campus: Andrew Common, our dinning service, which offers great foods, including foods from different regions and countries.

College search advice:College is a place that you will spend few years to live and study with a group of people. It is helpful for knowing academic and career interests, but it is also vital to explore more possibilities. This is a journey, an opportunity to explore your potential and life meaning! Check out your key components for this journey! I recommend you to look up LU dorms and concert videos on YouTube.

Bruno Sotelo

Studying Economics, Data Science

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Involved in: Lawrence International, Building Intergenerational Relationships, Beta Theta Pi

Favorite Lawrence event: Lawrence International Fall Formal

Ask me about: The Economics major and how it relates to Data Science as well as the Innovation & Entrepreneurship concentration. Also, ask me how I changed majors

College search advice:Make a list of things you are looking for in a university and base your college search off of that (Ex: Financial aid, location, size). It helps if you are organized. Also, follow the LU instagram page!

Difei Jiang

Studying Undecided

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Involved in: I used to be in the food recovery, and I'm also in CSA.

Ask me about: I'm from China but studied in Texas for High School

Favorite thing about Lawrence:
Its smallness (the connection between students&professors), diversity (students from everywhere), summer (so beautiful especially after the 6 month harsh winter)

Favorite study spot: The atrium at the third floor of Steitz! I took most of my classes in the STEM area: foundational biology, chemistry and math courses. 

Len Nguyen

Studying Biology, Neuroscience

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Involved in: Lawrence International (LI), Vietnamese Culture Organization (VCO)

Ask me about: Biology classes and anything about campus life!

Favorite thing to do on campus: Going to club events to meet new people and learn more about their cultures.

College search advice:Take time doing research about the schools you want to apply to. Contact the schools, talk to the students/faculty there, ask questions, etc., because you want to make sure the college you choose is where you want to spend your next 4-5 years living in. Additionally check out our school website

Sunny Li

Studying Biology

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Involved in: PAW, Food Recovery Network, Chinese Students Association, SLUG, River View volunteer activities.

Ask me about: psychology, marine term program and athletics. GO VIKINGS!

Favorite thing to do on campus: Going to wellness and running track, playing badminton and dancing in the multi-purpose room which has a wall of mirror.

College search advice:Our school website has almost everything you want to know with a simple search and check out the LU Food Recovery Video.

Alec Nguyen

Studying Economics,  Psychology

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Involved in: Lawrence International, JCEC - Japanese Culture Exchange Club.

Favorite Spot on campus: The green in front of Main Hall is absolutely the best place to wind down and relax. You can set up a hammock and read a book under the shade or take a nap. I personally prefer the latter.

Ask me about: The best routes for running or anything about snowboarding.

College search advice:LU instagram page has "Student Take over" stories that would definitely help you get to know the college better from a student's view point.

Wilson Chen

Studying Biochemistry, Linguistics

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Involved in: LUCC and Judicial Board; Committee on Community and Social Engagement; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Community Advisor; ISS Connections Mentor, Tutor at CAS;

Ask me about: Learning multiple languages. I know Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish and Japanese. I'm also self-learning Thai

College search advice:Start from your interests, regardless of the test scores/grades that you have. Keep your eye on what's your favorite rather than what's your "match" based on the grade! Check out our Lawrence website or the course catalog which is somewhere prospective students can find what courses they have to complete to get a major.

Chenyu Yao

Studying Biology, Neuroscience

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Involved in: LUCC, our student council; Greenfire, an environmental advocating club and Kappa Alpha Theta

Fun Fact: passionate about social justice, environment, and ethnic studies

College search advice:Talk to us! We are all super nice, friendly, and welcoming people who truly want to help you throughout your college search process.

Sheldon Xie

Studying Government, East Asian Studies, History

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Involved in: President of Chinese Students Association (CSA); Mentor of International Student Services (ISS); Assistant in LU Government (GOVT) Department; Assistant in Innovation-Entrepreneurship (I-E) Department; Secretary of Food Recovery Network (FRN); Involved in Build Inter-generation Relations (BIR) volunteering activities

Ask me about: Social sciences or humanities, or study abroad in London!

College search advice:Lawrence on Instagram (@lawrenceuni) or LU YouTube Channel would be your good friend! Also, please talk to us, the enthusiastic and friendly group of current students in the International Admission who will love to share Lawrence stories with you!

Elina Nguyen

Studying Computer Science

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Involved in: LUCC, our student council

Ask me about: Computer Science courses and student life at Lawrence.

Favorite things to do on campus: dancing at Wellness Center, playing pool and hanging out with friends.

College search advice:Check out our website it is the most helpful and informative website that provides you everything you need to know about Lawrence.

April Nguyen

Studying Biochemistry

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Involved in: Community Advisor

Favorite spot to study: My signature spot in the library! It is a single desk on the second floor, by the window and behind all bookshelves. I love this spot since it is perfect for me: quiet, peaceful, light, and it has a stunning view to the main grass-land during the fall!

College search advice:I highly recommend following Lawrence on Insagram (@lawrenceuni) since it is usually updated about life and events on campus and has interactive Q&A session for prospective students.

Caleb Yuan

Studying Psychology, English and Educational Studies

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Involved in: News writer in The Lawrentians Student Newspaper, VITAL Tutoring program, Lawrence International and the Chinese Student Association (CSA). I'm also interested in Psychology, lifting, badminton, and deep thoughts!

Ask me about: I always enjoy playing basketball in the morning and start off my morning with a tasty sausage-egg-and-cheese sandwich and a cup of raspberry ice tea (at the Cafe) !

College search advice:Start the application early so you will have enough time to struggle through things such as Recommendation Letters and Essays. Remember to consider your choice in terms of financial aid, school size, surrounding area, school culture, specific programs, etc.

Shirley Xu

Studying Piano performance and English

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Involved in: Chinese Student Association, Lawrence International

Ask me about: Double degree experience, biology, art history and now I work at the Center for Community Engagement!

Favorite things to do on campus: going to concerts and piano master classes.

College search advice:My advice on surviving the college search process is to be patient. Everything will be okay and you will find a great college!

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